June 29th Edition of TOP TEN BLOGPOSTS ON TOYSREVIL (The Past Week)

With this June 29th Edition of Top Ten Blogposts on TOYSREVIL (the Past Week) published this seemingly wet Monday thus far, we welcome the end of the June 2020 (in a couple of sleeps), while Voting Fever rises in Singapore - and has been for the past week - into the days to come for our island's General Election, in the midst of COVID-19 no less...!

Featured here - in ascending order ("#10" moving up to the top most read blogpost with "#1") - are the Top Ten Most "Read" blogposts on TOYSREVIL, based on YOUR clicking choices, as recorded in this blog's stats, thanks!

As we begin to step into the next half of the year 2020, I'd like to thank YOU for your continued read+clicking of TOYSREVIL! Have a fab new week ahead!


TOP TEN BLOGPOST ON TOYSREVIL - #10: I take a closer look into the Stop-motion Storybook Sequence for South Korean K-Drama "IT'S OKAY TO NOT TO BE OKAY" - featuring animation by @oshorino, based on character designs by illustrator @jamsan74. I've mirrored this on POPCORNX as well!

TOP TEN BLOGPOST ON TOYSREVIL - #9: 4 x Versions of JUST A GIRL from 222Kawaii x WOWORKS since launched online and Sold Out pretty quick too! Stay tuned for the next batch of releases, featuring the resin girls with LONG HAIR!

TOP TEN BLOGPOST ON TOYSREVIL - #8: Availability info and images for "UNBOX & GO NAGI BLIND BOX" SERIES since revealed, with images of the re-styled characters (by Too Natthapong) trickling in, in anticipation of its "July 25th" worldwide release!

TOP TEN BLOGPOST ON TOYSREVIL - #7: Imagine the "14 year old" fictional Snow White from Disney's 1937 "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" since grown up, now attempting to shed her dress which she has worn since her inception... with DIRTY SNOW from PRIME x Strangecat Toys since launched for pre-orders (authorised distributors listed in blogpost-linked)! ... Which would technically make her "97 years old" now? Would be a hella interesting K-Drama of her life, innit? ... Sorry, I'd just finished binging Season 1 of "Mystic Pop-Up Bar", and am reeling from the announcement that there will be a U.S. female of "Hotel Del Luna"... Heh.

TOP TEN BLOGPOST ON TOYSREVIL - #6: Yet another SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS-appropriated toy serving in the delicious form of CRAPPY PATTY designed by Indonesia-based ABIEBI X Pobber Toys, to be unleashed for pre-orders on June 30th.

TOP TEN BLOGPOST ON TOYSREVIL - #5: FINAL TRAILER & NEW POSTER for Marvel Studio's BLACK WIDOW is still going strong on the TOP TEN List.

TOP TEN BLOGPOST ON TOYSREVIL - #4: The Timed-Release Art Print Pre-order for MECHASOUL MAZINGER BY CLOGTWO closes on Sunday online via www.silentsirens.com = *Which is still up at time of this blogpost, so score it FAST as you read this now, if you have not already!

TOP TEN BLOGPOST ON TOYSREVIL - #3: New York-based @thecottoncandymachine is currently running a STUDIO SALE & FUNDRAISER FOR TARA MCPHERSON (for her major spinal surgery) and you can head to thecottoncandymachine.com to fill up your online shopping cart and your walls at home with signed @taramcpherson art prints!

TOP TEN BLOGPOST ON TOYSREVIL - #2: Check out the FINAL TRAILER & NEW POSTER for GHOST IN THE SHELL: SAC_2045 (if you have not already) before you dive into the Netflix animated series (if you have not already) ... for which I've left my impressions for HERE.

TOP TEN BLOGPOST ON TOYSREVIL - #1: LITTLE VOYAGERS: SUB-ZERO & HEATWAVE SETS from Coarse x Pop Mart hits the TOP spot on this week's TOP TEN, featuring TWO sets of mini figures - mirroring their earlier releases with CHAPTER 1: DAY and CHAPTER 2: NIGHT (which I unboxed ONE figure from).