NOV 22.2021 #TopTenTOYSREVIL

Counting down to the end of "2021" begins, with this edition's #TopTenTOYSREVIL being the last 5th for this year, with this being a weekly "TOP TEN BLOGPOSTS"-listings showcasing blog-features recorded in this blog's (internal) staats, which are based on YOUR clicking choices (I Do Not Choose the features in this instance) - which I've deduced to be from (1) Google Searched Links, (2) Social Media Links - which includes my constant linkage via my own socials, and without a doubt based on YOUR link(back)s, of course (Bless you for linking me back, folks). So now you know :)

Let's clock out "2021" strong together, shall we? :)

THANK YOU for reading and linking TOYSREVIL, and have a fabulous new week of glorious toys ahead...!


#10 >>> #TopTenTOYSREVIL
Head here to watch the (2nd) Official Trailer for #SPIDERMANNOWAYHOME, and check out the "Integrated Suit" Peter Parker is wearing - the name of which we now know, thanks to Hot Toys' naming/identifying it in their 1/6th-scale release (see above)!

Meanwhile, I a wondering of ever there'll be a "Sinister Six" Bundle release - featuring "Doc Ock", "Green Goblin", "Electro", "Sandman", "The Lizard" ... okay fine, someone throw in a customised "Rhino",and we'l be sorted!

#9 >>> #TopTenTOYSREVIL
What happens when you mashup "Eleven" and a Demogorgon from Netflix's hit series "Stranger Things"? You'll get a gloriously quirky "ELEGORGON" BY CHOGRIN X IAM8BIT, since launched for online orders here! "Licensed" release too!

#8 >>> #TopTenTOYSREVIL
Witness the SHINIGAMI: THE AWAKENING PAINT MASTER, and weep at the thought of missing out the pre-orders of the since 100pcs Sold Out ... OR, jump for toy-joy since you were one of the 100 folks who snagged one...!

I'm personally jazzed to finally see how the removable mask works with the figure itself...! Yes, I am both needy and curious = a bad combo for toy-collecting lor...! LOL

#7 >>> #TopTenTOYSREVIL
Online Pre-order has launched for "PROJECT EMPTY; BRAVE" FROM THE HAIRY POTTER, ending December 1st (@ 11:59PM Singapore-time / 7AM PST).

Available online via (International Orders / Price in US dollars) and via (Local / Price in Singapore Dollars) - folks who've purchased/preordered a figure'll receive an email from @the_hairy_potter to schedule a 1 hour live streaming session via zoom or discord to customise the Head and Heart with ingredients between 3rd Dec to 5th Dec (11pm to 7am).

#6 >>> #TopTenTOYSREVIL
And while the figure itself has since been listed as SOLD OUT on, I'd recommend you check out the UNBOXING (of) BASTARD WRAITH BY RIOS PALANTEto see what you've missed! You're welcomed :)

#5 >>> #TopTenTOYSREVIL
Check out the select previews of works featured HERE for Stormy Vault's "VILLAIN SHOW", and enjoy the over-2-hours-long video (seen above) of their Facebook Live auction event on the night of Nov 20th...! You're welcomed :)

#4 >>> #TopTenTOYSREVIL
KING NORILLA FROM BLACKSEED TOYS is the 5th character figure released from the "Childhood Kaiju Figure"-line of thus far all Godzilla-themed releases, with "King Kong" going beyond said themed, and as well crossing over with "SlamDunk" FTW!

Seen above is artwork illustration by Noger Chen. Check out the list of authorised retailers/distributers (listed in image caption) in the above blogpost-linked, to pre-order your figure before November 28th...!

#3 >>> #TopTenTOYSREVIL
GORILLAZ BLIND BOX SERIES FROM SUPER PLASTIC dropped November 19th, and the toy-excitement is very real, at least from my POV ~ LOL.

I remembered the days when folks were clamouring for MORE Gorillaz figure releases (after Kidrobot's fabulous releases, and THANKS to Vinyl Abuse's contest, I owned a set since 2006 FK YES!), and going thru a decent amount of years, before Super Plastic are and blessed us! Hey, at least I have a 2D to own, yeah? :)

#2 >>> #TopTenTOYSREVIL
And why is 2012's THE SIMPSONS HOMER BUDDHA FROM KIDROBOT-release suddenly on the TOP TEN? Meanwhile, enjoy a clip from "The Simpsons" featuring an incarnation of "Homer Buddha"... Who said it had to be in "English" tho...? :p

#1 >>> #TopTenTOYSREVIL
How wondrous is the internets where this initial blog-feature for BLACKPINK Figures retained the TOP SPOT for far longer than this subsequent availability update blog-feature, but IT'S ALL GOOD, and I Still Want The All!

Check out the above product trailer, while below are both the Instagram embeds for self-promotion, cheers.


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