David The Killer's #TopTenToysof2021

WHAT-IS: What are YOUR #TopTenToysof2021? I’ve invited some collectors to share their favs and you can check if they share the same designer toys as you, in this serial feature on TOYSREVIL heralding in the new year of toys in 2022!

David Cornelius Tan (Tagged on TOYSREVIL as "davidthelkiller") returns to our annual Top Ten Toys-lists for the 7th cycle straight, sharing since 2015! Click on the links below to see how his collecting habits/collection thru the years, and scroll thru for 2021's and a Q&A to find out a bit more of David's toylife for the past year!

Stay connected to his Insta @davidthekiller + @kaiju_mafia to see more of his life and collections!


#TopTenToysof2021 - #10: Armorvor / Battle Beast (Onell Design- Glyos)

DAVIDTHEKILLER: Not sure the name of the character, I only own one and have to buy far away from U.S., only this one particular figure, it comes with extra head which is my fave from all of the characters. I just need to know and own one for now, the 'parts' that can be use for other with glyos systen compatible is cool, this figure were seen when i am still in grade school, i guess the bootleg of Battle Beast ... ah missing the old days...

#TopTenToysof2021 - #9: Unknown by Codec Zombie from "Who Goes There Wave 4" by Unbox industries

DAVIDTHEKILLER: At first it doesn't look like anything I know, but once it's seen on close up, there are few faces hidden in there, a very unusual but yet great crazy detail mini figure!

#TopTenToysof2021 - #8: Sam Raimi's Spiderman from Toybiz

DAVIDTHEKILLER: Sometimes there are toys that I had owned then I sold it, and then I looked again and bought it again (rarely but there are times i moved from one country to another, got to sell some).. While it's now 2022, the more you realize how Sam Raimi's version of Spiderman is awesome and how the more you realize how good Toybiz was for an action figure company.

#TopTenToysof2021 - #7: Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer (1/6 scale by Phicen)

DAVIDTHEKILLER: My first Phicen figure ever.
Always want to own a Death Dealer figure, Phicen version got that their material on the 1/6 body which is interesting but need to be taken care very carefully, easily broken.

#TopTenToysof2021 - #6: Characters from designer ヒグチユウコ / Yuko Higuchi (Kitan Club)

DAVIDTHEKILLER: Sometimes even in this small world we never always know every characters created and sometimes I like to poison myself for new characters/toys! One day I accidentally looked for this interesting designer who mostly designed Cat as the main character, but it is one world he/she created ... turns out he/she already quite famous, already designed for Gucci, and I found myself a sofubi (which might be part of future top ten), but the one I am focused on are the blindbox for now. Got my self ordered directly from Japan, 2 series of box (I rarely buy boxes for blind box, these ones are exception), the one I posted in here is the fascinating creatures, but there are more than those, browse his/her name and you'll see plenty.

#TopTenToysof2021 - #5: Spiderman (Mego)

DAVIDTHEKILLER: 1977. Everything's still good, bought from Japan, as I always agreed, most of them take very good care of their collections.

#TopTenToysof2021 - #4: Hulk (Mego)

DAVIDTHEKILLER: 1976. Another one bought from Japan.

#TopTenToysof2021 - #3: Dojisan by Mutant Vinyl Hardcore

DAVIDTHEKILLER: I don't find it any easier to buy stuff from MVH ... never won lottery ... hopeless about buying straight from the web ... but sometimes good friends sell me collectibles because they felt sorry for me lol

#TopTenToysof2021 - #2: Jaws from Coarse Toys

DAVIDTHEKILLER: Just opened it on 2021... iconic, always been a fave of mine of the 'human' design of Coarse Toys, managed to get different version of them including the big size! The Paint, the sculpt of older figures from them are great!

#TopTenToysof2021 - #1: Aitsu by Punkdrunkers

DAVIDTHEKILLER: I have always been a big fan of PDS, this green clear version is my first! The pain of getting this figure (almost did not get it even after hours of rain waiting during Taipei Toy Festival, then they change the system of purchase, shout out to Andy Angel Abby to help me with translation and following his route!), the moment (including meeting the artist, asked for sign and sketch), everything is special! I even bought the socks of PDS! Bought everything PDS that's left on the booth lol

TOYSREVIL: What has been the most memorable toy-hunt you've experienced in 2021? And what happened? Where you successful?

DAVIDTHEKILLER: Not really hunting much due to pandemic, as my interest shifted a bit to old days like action figure, mostly can be purchased straight away, maybe few from sofubi lottery

TOYSREVIL: Has anything changed in your toy-hunting/collection focus in 2021, than the years before? And what is it/are they?

DAVIDTHEKILLER: year 2020 I already started to like more on the superheroes like marvel dc, might be no travelling factor as i don't search much on others like designer toys, until one item from Mcbess i preordered on 2021, i think that's the only designer toy i bought since so long.

TOYSREVIL: Any plans for 2022? How you approach collecting / hunting for toys? Or even making them?

DAVIDTHEKILLER: there is always plan to make one, always trying to design one, as for collecting, hopefully the world is getting better for me to travell to get more toys, in the meantime, i need to reduce some, no more spaces lol


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