Issac Tang's #TopTenToysof2021

WHAT-IS: What are YOUR #TopTenToysof2021? I’ve invited some collectors to share their favs and you can check if they share the same designer toys as you, in this serial feature on TOYSREVIL heralding in the new year of toys in 2022!

Hong Kong-based collector Issac Tang returns to our annual Top Ten Toys List to share with us his favs for 2021, and you can as well head to his Instagram @isaac_t88 to view his collections (the only guy I know who has a "TO-FU OYAKO"-focused collection), and as well his previous years' lists:


TOYSREVIL: Any plans for 2022? How you approach collecting / hunting for toys?

ISSAC TANG: I am a crazy fans of TO-FU OYAKO and I made a new hunting list (over 50 products) which included the sculpture of KENNYSWORK & DEVILROBOTS (MOLLY & TOFU) 【MeeT】in 2022.

#TopTenToysof2021 #10: SORAYAMA Be@rbrick 400%, Medicom Toy x Hajime Sorayama (Pix on IG)
ISSAC TANG: This is my first Be@rbrick of Hajime Sorayama. Marilyn Monroe style ❤️

#TopTenToysof2021 #9: PUNKDRUNKERS (TMNT - LEONARDO), Unbox Industries x Punk Drunkers TMNT
ISSAC TANG: Classic turtles + iconic Punk Drunkers's face = this collaboration.

#TopTenToysof2021 #8: Monster Little (Hello Kitty Version), Hello Kitty (Sanrio) x Ziqi x Unbox Industries (Pix on IG)
ISSAC TANG: Classic Hello Kitty with Dino. A perfect match combination. 🦖

#TopTenToysof2021 #7: SML Wars SS 001 (Spacecraft Ver), Sticky Monster Lab
ISSAC TANG: A designer toy can bring a childhood bliss to you. LED lights, the figure can put into the spaceship, the only fly in the ointment... sound effect is missing :p

#TopTenToysof2021 #6: Mini TO-FU (Beer), Devilrobots (Pix on IG)
ISSAC TANG: My favourite mini TO-FU in 2021. No matter you like drinking or not. You will love this mini TO-FU.

#TopTenToysof2021 #5: My First TO-FU (GongCha Bubble Tea Ver), Devilrobots (Pix on IG)
ISSAC TANG: Not easy to redeem this SG ver. Especially cannot traveling in 2021. So I put this TO-FU --> #5!

#TopTenToysof2021 #4: Getter TO-FU, Nachu & Devilrobots (Pix on IG)
ISSAC TANG: A robot, soft toy texture. Super cuteeeee. Nachu combined the elements of Getter & TO-FU. Created the cutest getter robot.

#TopTenToysof2021 #3: Barber Chunk (CLK ver), Jim Dreams (Pix on IG)
ISSAC TANG: Tattoo, Shaver, Fading Hair...Cool!!! Isn't it?
The coolest figure in 2021 designed for CLK's barber shop event. And this event is organised by my company. To support the event and the figure --> So #3 must be this one :)

#TopTenToysof2021 #2: TO-FU ROBO 25 Be@rbrick 1000%, Devilrobots & Medicom Toy & Action City
ISSAC TANG: It is a must have item for TO-FU fans!

This is not only the upgraded ver of 2003 one.
Not only change to the Matallic Colour (chrome ver).
It changed many detail parts.
- Head: New Star
- Body: Slogan (Everybody wants to eat more TO-FU!!) changed to Company Name (Devilrobots)
- Cockpit: colour from Red to Yellow, sad face to smile
- Shoulders: Company Name (Devilrobots) to "25"
- Upgraded Noise, Hands and Legs
- Back: Text oriented to Logo oriented

It should be the Best Toy in 2021!...However...

#TopTenToysof2021 #1: Semi custom Uamou, Uamou (Pix on IG)
ISSAC TANG: This Uamou is custom made (semi custom) by my girl. That's why I put it #1.

Happy New Year!

Isaac (Instagram @isaac_t88)



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